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Supply of Imported Stud Dogs & Bitches to Army Canine Center


The contract to import dogs for the Army Dog Center & School located at Westridge Rawalpindi and the Army Canine Center at CMT Golra Peshawar Road Rawalpindi.. was awarded to RMB Enterprises in 2015.  This project aimed to provide selection, acquisition, and integration of foreign-bred canines to the military forces of Pakistan for breeding stock, to enhance the capabilities of human personnel, and to accomplish missions. RMB Enterprises partnered with K9 Grip in the Netherlands.

The project involved the procurement process based upon intensive inspection and selection criteria conducted by the board of army officers, considering specifications such as breed, temperament, health and stamina, size and build, trainability, versatility, fertility, attentiveness, intelligence, work ethics, agility, senses, and detection ability. The dogs and bitches must have a 3 generation pure bloodline. Additionally, the imported dogs and bitches had no history of Hip Dysplasia, reproductive & anatomical disorders, abortion, or contagious disease. Microchips for the identification of imported dogs were also taken into consideration during post-import management.

With extensive research and consultations, RMB Enterprises imported German Shepherds, Labradors and was the first to introduce and import Belgian Malinois. Moreover, the minimum qualification of German shepherd stud dogs considered was Title IPO 1 to Title IPO 3, and stud bitches were Title IP0 3. Besides this, German Shepherds possessed a pink pedigree certificate. Labaradors had been awarded at least one basic working qualification title, e.g., TD. Additionally, legal and ethical considerations were kept in view for the importation and proper utilization of army dogs from the foreign country. Through a rigorous selection and evaluation process, these imported dogs were then officially handed over to the military forces. RMB Enterprises commits to replacement if any defects are found.

Conclusively, with the help of RMB Enterprises’ imported dogs and their offspring, the armed forces leveraged highly capable canine partners to enhance operational effectiveness and improve the safety and success of military missions. Renowned for their exceptional training, intelligence, and physical capabilities, these canines acted as a powerful deterrent to potential threats. They played a vital role in enhancing the country’s military capabilities, search and rescue operations, bomb detection, and tracking enemy combatants, and their services significantly elevated the overall security of Pakistan.