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Supply and Training of Ground Power Units to Pakistan Aeronautical Complex,  Kamra

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RMB Enterprises provided ground power units (GPUs) to the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra. This was a one-year contract starting in 2020. This contract was in collaboration with ElectroAir Estonia. This project aimed to enhance the operational capabilities of Pakistan’s Air Force fleet by providing state-of-the-art Ground Power Units (GPUs).

The scope of the project included the procurement and strategic deployment of two 60 kVA ground power units with 28 and 56 VDC, ensuring optimal coverage and accessibility for maximum efficiency.

Moreover, the RMB Enterprises technical team developed and executed a rigorous 10 days training program for ground personnel. The training enabled the ground personnel to be technically sound with operations, troubleshooting, and scheduled preventive maintenance.

The technical team conducted regular maintenance and performance assessments to ensure the continued reliability of the deployed GPU units. Comprehensive testing and commissioning were conducted to verify the functionality and compatibility of the GPU units with various aircraft. Only then were the GPUs handed over to the users.

Conclusively, the successful deployment of Ground Power Units for army aircraft was a critical step in enhancing operational efficiency and production at PAC, Kamra. By ensuring a reliable, consistent, and efficient power supply during ground operations, this project significantly contributed to the overall effectiveness of the air force’s assets. Proper planning, training, and maintenance were the keys to the successful execution and benefits of this initiative.