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Airfield Lighting and Instrument Landing System

RMB Enterprises stands as a beacon of innovation and operational excellence in providing top-tier Airfield Lighting systems and Instrument Landing Systems to aviation facilities while adhering to the International Airfield Standards to ensure maximum visibility, safety, and operational efficiency. We take pride in collaborating with top-tier global Airfield Lighting and Instrument Landing System producers and traders to ensure that our clients obtain not only cutting-edge but also reliable solutions.

Airfield Lighting System

This best-in-class airfield lighting system prioritizes safety, visibility, reliability, and efficiency while adapting to the evolving needs of modern aviation.

Instrument Landing System

 This instrument Landing System features precision, accuracy, dual guidance, reliability, and redundancy


Product Sourcing

We make local and international sourcing easy for our clients by focusing on quality control, logistics, and inventory management together with design, installation, integration, and commissioning.

Design And Layout

We conduct surveys to meet client requirements, considering international aviation standards for design and layout.

Installation and Calibration

Our installation is done according to international aviation standards followed by ground and air calibration.

Operation And Maintenance

We provide a proactive and comprehensive technical support system as it’s essential to minimize downtime and ensure safety. These services are also offered on an on-demand basis.