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RMB Enterprises is a trusted, experienced, and reliable partner for on-time procurement and delivery of premium livestock, including Cows, Stud Dogs and Bitches, Stallion Horses and Mares, and Stallion Donkeys, catering to breeding requirements and military missions. We source and present top-tier specimens by shaking hands with foreign partners to meet the livestock demands of our prestigious clients.

Stud Dogs and Bitches

Renowned for their exceptional training, intelligence, and physical capabilities, these canines act as a powerful deterrent to potential threats.

Stallion Horses, mares, and Stallion Donkeys

Renowned for their remarkable training, stamina, and strength, improve the army’s mobility and capacity to conduct campaigns in tough terrain.


Livestock Sourcing

We source premium livestock as per client’s requirements, involving a series of steps to ensure safe and legal pre and post-transportation.


In-house intensive health inspection services are provided by certified veterinary doctors, considering vital specifications. We also conduct inspections based on client demand.


We also offer the invaluable service of Sniffing and Guard Dog training, catering to operational requirements such as amination, drugs, and fake currency.

Warranty cover

We offer a comprehensive warranty cover that comes into play if non-cyclic and non-conceiving females are observed within two consecutive cycles