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Supply of Imported Stallion Horses & Mare to Army Remount Depot Mona

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In 2015, RMB Enterprises succeeded in winning the contract for the importation of stallion horses for Commandant Remount Depot Mona, Sargodha. The goal of this project was to provide high-quality stallions for breeding horses and mules. This project was in collaboration with RMB Enterprises Dutch partner, K9 Grip. Additionally, some horses were imported from France and Germany.

The project involved, a board of army officers who conducted a thorough inspection and selection process, taking into account details like breed, temperament, health and stamina, size and build, trainability, versatility, fertility, attentiveness, courage, bravery, and soundness. Microchips are also taken into consideration for identifying imported horses during post-import management.

Heavy-breed and light-breed horses were imported by RMB Enterprises after extensive investigation and consultation. Percherons, Cleveland Bays, and Hanoverians were among the heavy breeds of horses, while English and Arab Thoroughbreds were among the light breeds. These imported horses were formally transferred to the military after a thorough selection and evaluation process. If any flaws were discovered, RMB Enterprises would commit to a replacement.

In conclusion, the armed services increased operational effectiveness and the accomplishment of military operations, with the aid of the imported horses provided by RMB Enterprises. The offspring horses have been used for cavalry and ceremonial occasions and are renowned for their remarkable training, stamina, and strength, which improved the army’s mobility and capacity to conduct campaigns in tough terrain.