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RMB Enterprises supplied the Airfield Lightning System

RMB Enterprises supplied the Airfield Lightning System Installation and Integration project in 2016 to establish PAF Base Buhari, Near Hyderabad, Sindh, as a means of creating operational efficiency and safety.

This agreement was made for the acquisition of an imported Airfield Lighting System from ADB Safegate, including the local scope of equipment for power source and backup in the substation. In 2020, this project was successfully finished in two major phases.

The initial stage involved the provision of the Airfield lighting system CAT 1, based on a topographical survey and comprehensive assessments, the technical design of airfield lights, the creation of shop drawings based on site conditions, the layout of airfield light design based on shop drawings, the civil works in accordance with the design, installation, and commissioning of the procured equipment in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, the air calibration of lights to ensure an accurate glide path for approaching aircraft, and the ground calibration of airfield lights based on the given gliding parameters. The installation was backed up with continuous technical support. Additionally, to guarantee the remote control of airfield lighting systems, the Air Field Light Controls and Monitoring System (ALCM) was integrated to connect the substation and Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. The ATC was finally given control of the fully functional system.

Some of the main areas where airfield lights were installed to ensure visible, safe, and efficient aircraft operations included the runway, threshold, taxiway, aprons, and turnpad. The types of lights installed at this new airfield typically included approach lights, supplementary approach lights, sequence flashers, runway end identification lights, threshold/runway end lights, runway edge lights, precision approach path indicator lights (PAPIs), and taxiway edge lights.

In conclusion, this new airfield and its lightning system installation and integration made a significant contribution to Pakistan’s air defense by guaranteeing safe operations during various aircraft movement phases and serving a number of vital functions that improve the overall functionality and safety of aviation operations, particularly at night. PAF Base Bohlari, Near Hyderabad, Sindh, was inaugurated by the honorable Air Chief.