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Solar Power Taxiway Light

Solar Power Taxiway Light

Model Number: RMB-SPTLRC-10cd MED

The Solar Taxiway system is a member of the family of airfield lighting systems created using cutting-edge equipment and decades of experience. These products are designed and manufactured for optimal safety and dependability in even the most difficult operational circumstances. The airfield is illuminated at night using daytime solar energy that has accumulated.

To deliver a high-quality product, RMB Enterprises ensures quality assurance, and all production is done locally. The aviation norms and regulations are complied with in terms of conformity and compliance.

In terms of conformance and compliance, aviation standards and regulations are followed.


High-performance LED lighting
Small size, low energy use, simple installation, adaptability, water resistance and maintenance free
minimal part count, modular design, and straightforward operation Long-lasting LED lamps (>50.000 hr)
Extra charging capacity, wireless control, and environmental friendliness
Light Color Blue Unidirectional lights are optional (Red, Green, White, and yellow)
LED 12 powerful LEDs ( 6 blue + 6 NVG visible)
Direction Omni direction
Intensity > 10 cds Flashing >2 cds Continuous
Power rating 12 VA max load
Modes of operation a) flashing b) continuous
Vertical Divergence (degrees) 00 to +100 Control Microcontroller controlled
Remote Frequency UHF Narrow Band
Flashing at a full charge: 60 Hours
Intensity Adjustments Adjustable in 5% increments electronically
Capacity >20 (14 hour darkness,12.5% duty cycle)
Battery Type High-grade NiMh Environment-friendly or lead acid low maintenance
Battery Capacity (Ah) 1800 mAh X 8 x 1.2 v
Operating Conditions -40°C to +55°C Enclosure Rigid Aluminum casing, waterproof construction Jet blast resistant
Control Ambient light level control with automatic night action or Optional Wireless control
Charging Solar Panel High-efficiency electronic automatic charger
Cell Monocrystalline silicon solar cells
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 8V
Optimum operation voltage (VMP) 21.6V

Short circuit (ISC)

0.4 A

Optimum operation current (Imp) 0.56A
Maximum Power at STC (pm) 7.2Wp


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