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Solar Aviation Multipurpose Light (SATWL16)


Model Number:  RMB-SATWL16-IND

Field-tested and solar-powered, the RMB-SATWL16-IND aviation light has many advantages over conventional battery- and hard-wired aviation lights, including cheap maintenance and no subterranean wiring.

These fully self-contained LED lights are made to fit a variety of aviation and non-aviation applications, such as threshold, taxiway, and emergency airstrip lighting. Two powerful solar modules installed inside the lens of the device increase solar collection and offer dependable performance in a variety of climatic circumstances. The user-replaceable battery assures a service life of up to 12 years, and the focal plane of the light is made to produce a vertical divergence of between 0 and +7 degrees.

The RMB-SATWL16-IND is crafted from robust, long-lasting Lexan polycarbonate that has undergone UV stabilization, and it includes an in-built photodiode that will automatically turn on at night once the ambient light threshold is low enough.

The RMB-SATWL16-IND is the ideal option for isolated airfields throughout Pakistan, where the units designate mining strips and airstrips owned by local and regional councils. It is completely self-contained and can be placed in just a few minutes.

 A high-intensity variant of the RMB-SATWL16-IND that receives at least 3.5 hours of sunlight each day, the RMB-SATWL16-IND-HI is perfect for use in high sunlight settings.


IP67, water-resistant
An integrated solar battery system
Dual Internal high-performance solar modules angled to maximize solar collection
Fast and easy to deploy-no programming
User-replaceable battery
Ultra-high-intensity LEDs (no changing globes ever)
Typical Applications include Solar Barricade Lights, Solar Caution Lights, Solar Obstruction Lights, Solar Taxiway lights, and Solar Threshold Lights
Light source Ultra-high intensity LEDs
Available colors Red, Green, White, Yellow, Amber, and Blue
Peak Intensity(cd) Steady-on: Blue-2.8, Red-6, Green-8.0, White-7.0,
Horizontal Output (degree 360
Vertical Divergence 0 to +7
Reflector Type omni directional reflector
Available Flash Characteristics>250 including steady-on (user-adjustable)
Led life Expectancy(hrs) >100,000
Operating Voltage(V) 6
Temperature Range -40 to 80°C
Solar module Type Multi crystalline
Output(watts) 8(watt)
Charging regulation 17
Power supply Microprocessor controlled
Battery type High-grade NiMH- Environmentally Friendly
Battery Capacity (Ah) 8
Nominal Voltage (V) 6
Autonomy (nights) Steady-on: >4, Flashing: >10
Body material Polycarbonate
Lens Material Polycarbonate (UV stabilized)
Lens Design External optics with interior flute design
Humidity 0 to 100%
Product life Expectancy Up to 8 years
Warranty 5 years on the light, and battery


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