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Ground Power Unit 60 KVA

Ground Power Unit 60 KVA

Model Number: EMRMB78660GPU

GPU- is designed to supply electrical ground power for aircraft flight lines and maintenance ground support operations at 115/200/400 Hz and/or 28.5 V DC. When an aircraft’s onboard generators are turned off, this device is intended to produce and deliver AC 115/200 V 400 Hz and/or DC 28.5 Volts DC electricity to the aircraft. The device is made to start any fixed-wing aircraft DC power receptacle in addition to giving the aircraft continuous, regulated power. For the GPU Ground Power Unit or helicopter equipped with an external 28.5 volt power source, compliance with processes, restrictions, and performance standards is crucial to ensuring peak operating efficiency, maximizing operational capabilities, and extending the life of the device.


Brush-less, self-exciting, self-ventilating alternator
Low maintenance
FRP (Fiber reinforced polyester) galvanized steel casing
Easy storage of cables by side bins
Fully auto-protected against faults.
Alternator equipped
NATO Standard MIL-STD-704E
EN2282, related CE Compliant
ISO 9001:2008
Unit Type Trolley Mounted (Towable)
Rated Capacity 60 KVA
Outputs 115 VAC 400 Hz, 28.5 VDC
Output Frequency 400 Hz
Engine type 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Alternator 3 Phase 400 Hz
RPM 1800/2000
Rate Output load (AC)260 Amps
Rated Output Load (28.5 DC) 800 Amps
Safeties Over/Under (Voltage, Freq, Temp, Load)
Lighting Warning Lights, Rotating Beacon, Working Lights, Panel Lights
Canopy Steel Canopy
Paint Standard Military Green
Output Cable 115 VAC 30 Feet
Output Cable 28.5 VDC30 Feet
Cable Trays Available on both sides of Unit
Towing Hook/Bar Available
Maximum Tow Speed 40 Km/h



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