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GPU Control Box Assembly And Power Module Assembly

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GPU Control Box Assembly And Power Module Assembly

Model Number: RMBEM78690GPUPMA12

The control box assembly is a crucial component that helps regulate and manage the power output and functions of the GPU. The control box assembly in a GPU typically includes various electrical, electronic, and mechanical components that allow the operator to control and monitor the power generation and distribution processes.

A power module assembly refers to a specific component that converts electrical power from one form to another. The power module assembly within a GPU typically consists of various electrical components and circuits designed to handle power conversion tasks. Its primary function is to convert the input power, which could be from a generator, mains power, or other sources, into the appropriate voltage, frequency, and phase required by the aircraft being serviced. Different aircraft models may have varying power requirements, and the GPU’s power module assembly is capable of accommodating those variations.

The GPU Control Box Assembly and Power Module Assembly were reverse-engineered in Pakistan and successfully installed. These components are specially designed for the Hobart GPU and are manufactured as per international standards. The GPUs are operational with the Pakistan Air Force to provide electrical power to parked aircraft while their engines are shut down.


Locally Manufactured product
Manufactured under the highest quality standards
Readily available components
Rated load design 60 and 90 KVA
Engine Temperature Meter Available
Engine Fuel Gauge Available
Engine Oil Pressure MeterAvailable
Safeties Over/Under Frequency, Over/ Under Voltage,
Connection Type Multi-pin Connector
Emergency Stop Available
Contactor Type Magnetic
Harness Type Shielded/Armored
Current Transformers Available


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