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Solid State Frequency Converter 90 KVA

Solid State Frequency Converter 90 KVA

Model Number: RMBEM786-90 FCU

Part Number: RMBEM 7869012011 FCU

Experience the pinnacle of aviation technology with our 90 kVA Frequency Converting Unit (FCU), proudly manufactured by RMB Enterprises in Pakistan. Designed to meet the most stringent standards of excellence, this FCU is a game-changer in the world of aircraft and helicopter ground power solutions.  It unleashes unparalleled power by boasting an impressive 90 kVA capacity. This FCU delivers unwavering and consistent performance, catering to the power requirements of American, European, Russian, and Chinese aircraft and helicopters. With the capability to seamlessly handle a diverse range of aircraft origins, this FCU ensures an efficient and reliable power supply for all your ground operations.

The FCU’s exceptional prowess lies in its ability to convert input power into a versatile array of outputs therefore, has a dynamic voltage and frequency conversion. It delivers a steady 115 Volt AC at an astounding 400 Hz, the FCU gives the ideal frequency for powering advanced avionic systems. Additionally, it provides 28.5 Volts DC and 56 Volts DC outputs, catering to an extensive spectrum of aircraft and helicopter requirements. The FCU is designed to simultaneously deliver both 115VAC and 56VDC outputs, enabling the user to efficiently handle a multitude of tasks with ease.


Increased power quality
The FCU has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator circuits
Increased noise rejection
All in one 3 x 115 Volt AC, 28.5 Volt DC, and 56 Volt DC
FCU-90 can easily power up Western, Russian, and Chinese aircraft, including rotary platforms
PWM and IGBT technology
Microcontroller controlled
Precise Frequency Control (Pure sine wave)
High efficiency
Output isolation transformer
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display
Real-time clock 12-pulse uncontrolled rectifier (suitable for genset operation)
Alarm history (Memory for max. 64 alarms.)
Input and Output over-voltage and under-voltage protection
Overload and short-circuit protection
Over-temperature protection
Emergency power off High nonlinear load capacity. 
The facility of connection to PC via RS232 serial communication line is available
User friendly (alarms from the FCU)


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