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Copper Earthing Rod

Copper Earthing Rod

Model Number: EPCR-181-5

In electrical engineering, ground or earth is the reference point in an electrical circuit from which other voltages are being measured, it is the common return path for electric current, or it is a direct physical connection to the Earth. A copper earthing rod is an array of electrodes that is installed in the ground to provide a low-resistance electrical path to the ground or earth.

For a variety of reasons, electrical circuits may be connected to the earth or ground. To avoid contact with a potentially deadly voltage in the event that electrical insulation fails, exposed metal elements of mains-powered equipment are linked to the ground or earth. When handling combustible items or electrostatic-sensitive gadgets, connections to the ground prevent static charge buildup.

The Earth provides a relatively constant potential reference against which other potentials can be measured for measuring purposes. An electrical earthing or earthing system needs to be capable of transporting enough current to be a reliable zero-voltage reference level.

A “ground” in the theory of electrical circuits is typically envisioned as a limitless source or sink of charge that can squander an infinite amount of current without affecting its potential. The approximation of zero potential is no longer applicable when an actual ground connection has a large resistance. There will be stray voltages or earth/ground potential increase effects, which could muddle signals or, if they’re significant enough, produce an electric shock hazard.


The Best solution for terrain providing less earth response
Capable of offering earthing with resistance less than 5 Ohm
Long service life
Offers greater resistance to corrosion
Used for better conductivity
Total Length 1500mm
Diameter 18mm
Cone Angel 15°
Cone length 10mm
Height 18mm
Chamfer length2mm


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