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Standardized Distance Marking Board


Model Number: SDMB-FGI-1904

Runway Length Still Ahead During takeoff and landing procedures, signs are utilized to alert pilots of the remaining distance. The signs are placed at a lateral distance of 45 meters and a longitudinal interval of 1000 feet along one or both sides of the runway. On a black background, a white numeral appears in the lettering. The markers provide the remaining distance in thousands of feet. There may be 50 feet less left than the sign indicates. The sign location has a tolerance of 50 feet. Because they fall outside of this tolerance, some signs might not be included.

The first and last sign locations are increased by half the “additional distance” when the runway length is not an even multiple of 1000ft. As usual, runway distance markers have a black background with a white number; however, the number “2” has a red background. The numbers on the placards denote how many thousands of feet are yet on the landing runway.


Fiberglass composite material
Lightweight and tough on the same hand
Solid Base for a firm hold
Designed to withhold severe weather conditions on all airfields
Easy entry on the back for any maintenance work
Bottom Cable entry k
Each sign, regardless of type, is tested for its average light output
Durable structure, able to withstand acoustic vibrations caused by the A/c during takeoff and taxi, etc
Installation tools require a hammer drill, concrete drill bit according to the side of the Ravel Bolt, spanner as per the size of the Ravel Bolt, and 09 x Ravel Bolts
Temperature range -10°c to +55°c
Illumination Type Halogen
Rated Load 150W
Additional Illumination Optional
Intensity Level In accordance to CCR Configuration
Wind Resistance 100 Km/h


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