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DC Connector 56 VDC

DC Connector 56 VDC

Part Number: 786RMBFCU90-91

RMB Enterprises, a pioneer in aviation technology based in Pakistan, presents the revolutionary 56 Volts DC Connector, meticulously crafted to redefine your ground power experience. Engineered for precision and performance, this connector seamlessly integrates with your 56 Volts cable, becoming the cornerstone of efficient power supply and aircraft ignition for Chinese aircraft and helicopters.

Experience Unrivaled Efficiency as our 56 Volts DC Connector effortlessly interfaces with your ground power unit’s output, ensuring a robust and reliable connection. Designed to exacting standards, this connector epitomizes durability and precision, effortlessly transmitting power to kickstart your aircraft and helicopters. Trust in RMB Enterprises to empower your aviation operations with cutting-edge technology, as we redefine the future of power transfer, one connection at a time.


Extra Rugged Design
Silver Plated Quad beam copper contacts
Floating contacts
Plug body
Finger proof Insulators
Extra insulation for greater internal hi-port resistance
Extra-tough and long-lasting thread lock on lug screws
Engineered, non-corrosive springs
Quad-beam construction
Gentle lead-in angle
Built-in stress sleeves
Silver-plated solid copper contacts
Specially designed contact system
No special tools are required for assembly
Material Aluminum Alloy Material
Rated Voltage 56 VDC
Rated Load 600 to 1200 Amps DC
Recommended Cable size 95 mm2
Main Contacts Pure Copper Contacts with silver plating
Insulation type Bakelite/Fiber
Protection CoverIncluded


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