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DC Connector 28 VDC

DC Connector 28 VDC

Part Number: 786RMBFCU90-90

Ground power units (GPUs) for airplanes are powered by a 3-Pole 4/0 28V DC Female airplane Connector Plug.

Without purchasing a full cable assembly, a GPU aircraft connector plug that has become worn can be replaced. This 28V DC connector is intended to replace GPU cable plugs with molded heads that are no longer functioning.

This female plug is the connection point where a ground power unit cable links to the aircraft. It is designed for use with 28V DC aviation applications. This DC aircraft GPU plug is made of a specialized synthetic elastomer with high moisture, chemical, and abrasion-resistant properties. To reduce contact resistance, the power connections are comprised of machined copper that has been silver-plated. Contact lugs for cables can be soldered or crimped. This cable head is made to Mil-C-7974D’s QPL (Qualified Product List) standards and is manufactured in accordance with MS25488 specifications. When a portable connection is required or when existing connections need to be extended, portable receptacles are especially helpful.

The Hobart 28V DC GPU Cable component numbers 402025-002, 402025-003, 402025-004, 402025-006, and 402025-007 are compatible with this 28-volt connector. The Tronair/Arvico EC-1124 series and the J & B JB2940-20, JB2940-30, JB2940-40, JB2940-50, and JB2940-60 4/0 28 VDC ground power output cable assemblies are compatible with this aircraft GPU connector.

Comparable to Tronair/Arvico K-2216, K-2217, MS25488-27, R65G3E, CP1765-3, and 28XP-0 28.5V DC Power Cable Repair Kits (GPU Connector).

A patent-pending contact system has self-aligning contacts that compensate for part-to-part variations and movements caused by structural loading.


Extra Rugged Design
Silver Plated Quad beam copper contacts
Floating contacts
Plug body
Finger proof Insulators
Extra insulation for greater internal hi-port resistance
Extra-tough and long-lasting thread lock on lug screws
Engineered, non-corrosive springs
Quad-beam construction
Gentle lead-in angle
Built-in stress sleeves
Silver-plated solid copper contacts
Special designed contact system
No special tools are required for assembly
MaterialComposite Rubber Material
Rated Voltage 28.5 VDC
Rated Load 1200 to 2400 Amps DC
Recommended Cable size120 mm2
Main Contacts Pure Copper Contacts with silver plating
Insulation type Rubber
Protection Cover Included


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