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AC Connector 115 VAC, 400 Hz

AC Connector 115 VAC, 400 Hz

Part Number:  786RMBFCU90-89

Ground power units (GPUs) for airplanes use a 2/0 6-Pole 400 Hz AC Female 6-Pole GPU Connector Plug.

Without purchasing the full cable, the GPU aircraft connector plug that has become worn can be replaced. This 400 Hz AC plug is designed and manufactured with the intention to replace GPU cable plugs with molded heads that are no longer functioning.

This female plug is the connection point where a ground power unit cable attaches to the aircraft and is designed for use with 400 Hz aircraft applications. This AC aviation GPU plug is made of a specialized synthetic elastomer with exceptional moisture, chemical, and abrasion-resistant properties. To lower contact resistance, power contacts have silver plating applied over machined copper. Contact lugs for cables can be soldered or crimped. The QPL (Qualified Product List) for MIL-C-7974 (AS 7974) lists this plug as being produced to MS25486 requirements.

Female 6-Pole GPU Connector Plug main body is molded from RMB formulated rubber. It is resistant to UV light, moisture, chemicals, and other hazards associated with aircraft maintenance areas. Cable assemblies manufactured to customer requirements are available. Used worldwide to meet Commercial and Military Aircraft Ground Power Supply Connection requirements. A full assortment of 400 Hz 115 V connectors is available.


Extra Rugged Design
Silver-plated Plated Quad beam copper contacts
Floating contacts
Plug body
Finger proof Insulators
Extra insulation for greater internal hi-port resistance
Extra-tough and long-lasting thread lock on lug screws
Engineered, non-corrosive springs
Quad-beam construction
Gentle lead-in angle
Built-in stress sleeves
Specially designed contact system
No special tools are required for assembly
According to Mil-C-7974 standard
Protection covers are available
Plug according to MS25486
Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 (BS4G173:1985) and NSN Standards
Effective water seal is formed by cable grommets and double isolated terminals
Easy to assemble
Measurements 26 x 9 x 7 cm , 1650 gram
Surface IP 54
Material Composite Rubber Material
Rated Voltage 115 VAC
Rated Load 260 to 500 Amps AC
Recommended Cable size95 mm2
Main Contacts Pure Copper Contacts with silver plating
Insulation type Rubber
Protection Cover Optional
Measurements 26 x 9 x 7 cm , 1650 gram
Surface IP 54


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